C2C Objectives

•  Ensure Clubhouse members are technologically literate and expert in professional software and hardware tools;

•  Create positive attitudes toward learning and an increased confidence in scholastic activities;

•  Build technological confidence and genuine interest in technology-related careers;

•  Increase job readiness among Clubhouse members, including placement in internships and jobs drawing on technological expertise;

•  Support college and art school placements;

•  Encourage members to pursue higher education locally, nationally, and internationally


C2C: Clubhouse to College/ Clubhouse to Career program.

Members explore and learn to use various types of hardware and software to produce projects in the Clubhouse. Because the tools we provide are the same ones used by professionals, members quickly gain marketable skills. Clubhouse staff and mentors help students realize the value their clubhouse experience.

In addition to technical skills, members gain valuable life and job-related skills which include teamwork, problem-solving, and project management. C2C supports Clubhouse members in planning for the future and realizing their potential while leveraging technology skills and experience they obtain at the Clubhouse. The aim is to provide young people with the skills and knowledge needed to take an active role in ensuring their own success.

C2C helps Clubhouse members explore professional jobs and academic opportunities, and learn from people who have already succeeded in professional careers.

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