Youth Performance Art Collective (YPAC)

YPAC is a youth performance program that teaches the fundamentals of stage performance through demonstrations, professional workshops, and live performance. Gain knowledge of various theater techniques while getting hands on training working with professionals in the field and attending live performances. Students will be given the opportunity to work on a production and get experience performing in a professional theater.

The Clubhouse actively participates with the YPAC program by working the technical side of stage performances. If you have an interest in creating original soundtracks, remixes, filming and or editing video of the performances. Come share your talents, abilities and learn new skills working with the Technical Director of the Kelly Strayhorn Theatre and explore how to use media technology with the Computer Clubhouse.

YPAC is a collaborative effort brought to you by The Parental Stress Center,

The Kelly-Strayhorn Theater, PHASE4 Learning Center , 3 Rivers Computer Clubhouse, and The Union Project. Together the creativity of our youth will take center stage.