The ' Hear Our Voices' program creates a special, girls-only time in the 3 Rivers Computer Clubhouse, that offers young women an opportunity to use a variety of software applications to create projects that reflect their own unique personal interests. 'Hear Our Voices' provides activities that encourage girls to become excited about learning, while developing sophisticated job and life skills. Adult, female mentors serve as role models and inspire girls using a "Circle of Friends" approach to building positive relationships with girls. These relationships nurture and teach girls how to establish strong, trust-building connections.

On the strength of their interactions with mentors, girls feel supported as they develop self-confidence, while exploring their curiosity about real-world applications of technology and creative expression. 'Hear Our Voices' also provides girls with a wealth of local and national resources on gender equity, career options, self-esteem, and technology. A principal feature of 'Hear Our Voices' is its specific design for countering the patterns of math, science, and technology avoidance among girls and young women, and their resultant under-employment within these fields and disciplines.

Similar to co-ed days in the Computer Clubhouse, Hear Our Voices activities are open to girl's ages 10-18 years, and are free of charge to participants.


  • Writing and recording music in the Clubhouse music studio
  • Learning to use digital cameras.
  • Creating Flash animation, 3-D and robotics projects.
  • Creating digital artwork and graphics designs.
  • Writing, filming, editing original movies and video productions,
  • Creating science and engineering projects.
  • Participating in Clubhouse to College/Clubhouse to Career (C2C) workshops and field trips.

We encourage family support from parent and friends of participants to come and explore with us.