Technology, Imagination and Inspiration

3 Rivers Computer Clubhouse is part of a worldwide effort to connect young people from underserved neighborhoods to the latest technological tools. As Pennsylvania’s first licensed affiliate of the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network based at the Museum of Science in Boston, 3 Rivers Computer Clubhouse joins over 110 other clubhouses over 20 countries.

Here at the 3 Rivers Computer Clubhouse, we provide a creative and safe after-school learning environment where young people from under-served communities can work with adult mentors to explore their own ideas, develop skills, and build confidence in themselves through the use of technology.

The Clubhouse enlists adult mentors to work with young people ages 12 - 18 to make professional hardware and software accessible to students so they can express their creativity and stretch their basic computer knowledge. We try to inspire individuals to become fluent in the use of technology as an essential part of learning and working in the modern world.
For members of the Computer Clubhouse, technological fluency extends far beyond a working knowledge of the basic tools. It includes applying these fundamentals to create something meaningful and significant to them.
The Clubhouse is a project of PHASE 4 Learning Center.