Teen Summit

Every other summer, 250 young ambassadors from all over the world come to the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network's Teen Summit in Boston . Youth, ages 13 to 18, are chosen by their local Computer Clubhouse coordinators for outstanding leadership skills, technical and creative ability, and contributions to the community.

During the summit, youths work together to address their communities' challenges, and created computer generated animations, art, music, an E-zine, radio and video documentaries, robots, and 3-D models. While most summit activities occur at Northeastern University , the Museum of Science also hosts a "Clubhouse-to-College, Clubhouse-to-Career" Fair. Summit ambassadors explored career and college options, interacted with local college representatives, and met working engineers, musicians, publishers, animators, writers, producers, programmers, and photographers.

Network Testimonies:

"The best feature about the teen summit was the atmosphere which enabled members from different countries and cultures to mix to a phenomenal degree. The extent to which members interacted with each other surpassed all my expectations."

"The Teen Summit has been a wonderful experience for me!! I have met a kazillion amount of people and I am lovin' it!!! I'm really going bananas over the tracks and workshops; even the traveling back and forth. Working on projects and FINISHING THEM!!!"

"The Summit allowed me the opportunity to learn and reflect on the journey I've passed in life on acquiring skills and also learn about the journey far ahead. I realized that what i knew was too little, now i have gained tremendously.I also met new wonderful people of my age and experienced chaperones from whom I acquired some things that are new. Learning to make a movie was the fun part that i enjoyed"